“ I live full time in Arizona and had very specific criteria for my 2nd home in Los Angeles. I have FOUR 150lb dogs and needed a large yard but also wanted to be in the Doheny hills with a view. Apparently, Gillian educated me that my criteria could be difficult to find in the Doheny Hills (in my price range). Nevertheless, Gillian worked extremely hard to find me the PERFECT home for me and my dogs (and my price range). Gillian just did not give up and now my dogs and I are spending our summers in a wonderful and cooler environment! I would recommend Gillian to anyone. She is tenacious and is a pleasure to deal with! ”

H. Ginsburg
Scottsdale, AZ

“ I had my heart set on a specific type of Home and had seen one on the internet when my friend recommended that I contact Gillian. She was a joy to deal with, very knowledgeable and easy going - even in the most stressful situations. I have dealt with many realtors in the past and Gillian was so much easier to deal with than any of the other agents. I have a specific situation that can sometimes complicate deals, and Gillian made everything so easy for me and my people. Gillian knows how to diffuse problems even before they happen. This particular deal was incredibly difficult and the seller was anything but accommodating, and Gillian made everything so smooth, like butter. She made the whole transaction efficient, so that I didn't have to worry about a thing. People like Gillian are what I need more of in my life. ”

Calabasas, CA

“ I listed my home with Gillian in the hopes of selling quickly. Gillian and I went over the comparatives to my home in the market, and came to the conclusion that on the face, if I asked what I wanted to for my home, that it would be a little high for the area. However, my home had special circumstances that would make my home MORE valuable to a particular buyer. The trick was to just find that buyer. We agreed to revisit the price if my home didn't sell within a certain amount of time. Gillian was so adept at marketing strategies and came up with an incredibly unique idea to market the home, that I got nearly a full price offer after being on the market for 1 day. FANTASTIC! She has me for life! ”

Los Angeles, CA