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Gillian Caine and Caine Properties are pleased to announce their partnership with Keller Williams Realty. The companies share a forward thinking philosophy and cutting edge business model, fostering and encouraging creativity and outside the box thinking to promote and market listings.In the most competitive Real Estate market in history, it is critical that successful realtors find alternative, creative ways to compete and serve their clients. With Keller Williams, Caine Properties is leading the way toward growth and prosperity in this new and changing environment.About Keller Williams Realty: Keller Williams philosophy of putting the agent first translates into a supportive culture and market-leading education, training, coaching, and technology that provides agents with an edge in the marketplace. Evidence that Keller Williams Realty is gaining ground during one of the most pronounced market corrections in history underscores the models upon which the company was founded. To an increasing degree, agents are realizing the importance of promoting their own brand, rather than the brand of their company. It is the enterprising agents within Keller Williams Realty who are driving the growth by drawing in a steady stream of new talent. It is these industry-changing philosophies that have fueled the recent growth of Keller Williams Realty past older, more established companies to claim a top-four spot in the real estate industry. In every market, real estate agents have a wide range of companies with which they can join forces. An industry that is as diverse and dynamic as residential real estate allows for a wide range of approaches and business models. It is up to individual agents to determine the models and perspectives that fit with their own objectives and then to move forward in building their careers. As the recent shifts in market share indicate, however, the trend is clearly toward an agent centric culture and an environment that encourages and educates individual agents to build their own brands. Noted industry experts are reinforcing this trend.rnThe Keller Williams/Caine Properties Team is a complete solution for all your Real Estate needsrn